Let them whisper your name,

They don’t have the guts to shout.
Ignore them and move ahead,
That’s what life is all about.
Let them feel jealous,

you have got something which they can’t even think about.
Instead of Having such people in your life,

It’s better to kick them out.
Let them talk about you,

You are the only one who runs through their mind.
Don’t feel hesitated to face them,

They will never be able to find a person of your kind. 
Let them intervent in your matters,

Maybe they find your life better than theirs.
Just disdain their actions, 

Because there are people around who can actually see the mask that they wear.
Let them talk about you,

You are someone whom they can’t forget.
Put your head up flout them,

Once day they will surely regret.


Feeling of solitariness filled her heart with trepidation. She started talking to him because he was the only adherence to her loneliness. She started with

“I still remember how it started.”

“Those dotlish fights that used to take place within us and that too without any rationale. And those ‘achha na sorry’ made us sleep well at night.”

“I cherish every moment spend with you”

“Those late night conversations and those online care and love that we shared that we otherwise felt bashful to articulate.”

“Those ‘I LOVE YOU’ exchanged within us even when we were not in relationship”

“And I still remember that day when I was in canada and it was 4:00a.m. there. You almost annoyed me by sending ‘wake up’ bitmoji on Snapchat and that too not even once rather 25-30 times. But I really loved the very moment.”

“I experience a instantaneous current everytime you hold my hand in yours.”

“Teasing me was your LOVE and getting teased was my right”

“The feeling of possessiveness filled our heart with insecurity regardless of knowing that we can’t be separated at any cost”

“Sharing feelings with you was all I did but never made the first step at sharing LOVE.”

“I still remember the day when we finally confessed to each other about our heartfelt feelings.”

“Those snaps that took place in our story was just so amazing.”

“Those fantasies that encountered my thoughts.”

“And repairing those tiny scattered pieces of my heart.”

“I still remember that moment when you held my hand while sitting on your knees #unexpectedly#. That still makes my heart skips a beat.”

“The care that we share makes our bond even more stronger.”

“Ensuring that I reached home safely was all you did to won over my heart. Not even ensuring but dropping me home.”


further I added

“Whenever I visit temple all I wish for is- to have you in my life and that too for the rest of my life till I die.”

“Thank you for being the reason for happiness in my otherwise chaotic life.”

“I will always remember every single moment spend with you.”

“You are the only one whom I share all my secrets, detections, gaiety with. And above all I share LOVE with.”



At last, I said “I LOVE YOU JAAAN”

And a tear fell down my eye onto the screen of my phone. I swiped the screen and there appeared my favourite photo of my LOVE. He didn’t replied but kept smiling.


inexplicable infatuation

​“You know that feeling when you are driving and its pouring down rain? You notice how everything stops when you drive under a bridge. It’s like everything goes silent and it’s almost peaceful. “

He is that bridge for me.  The one I always run to for shelter when it rains.

I know he says he is being selfish when he takes care of me, but I hate myself for not being able to give him something in return. He deserves all the love in the world that a person can give. Every time he says that he loves me, I feel bad that I can’t say that back to him. He does not deserve this, despite of whatever his self complexed views are. He deserves someone who would love him as fiercely and passionately as he loves me. Take care of him like he takes care of me. Have someone stand by him as he stands like a rock beside me. Have someone as his champion like he champions me.

No one in this world makes me feel more special than he does. I don’t know if I am special or not, but I know to him, I am. And he makes no effort to hide it. I love him in a twisted way. He is my best friend, and trust me best friend is an understatement. Truth is, he is everything that’s right with my life. . And maybe, just maybe in another time and in a parallel universe, I would have chosen him.

I don’t take him for granted even once! It may seem at times that I am exploiting his love for me, but the truth is, in my heart, I be stubborn, mean and childish with him, simply because I know I can. I don’t have to be afraid that he will leave me because of how dysfunctional I am. He is one of the very few who I don’t have to be worry about, that they will hate me for the person I truly am.

There are times when I miss him but I am afraid to say it. At times, even after spending a whole day with him, the minute he drops me home, I miss him. But I don’t say it. I don’t want to give him a wrong impression about myself, and so even when I really do miss him, I try not to express it.

Stuck at 9:00 

It was 9:00 

When she went upstairs to her terrace

Sat there and started looking at the musky sky

Saw a star that twinkled uninterruptedly

Kept gazing at it

She stood up

No one was walking on the pavement

It was all silent around

She took a quick glance at her watch

It was 11:00 now

Didn’t realize she spend 2 hours thinking about HIM❤


8th APRIL 2017


I know I tell you I love you a lot, and I know that sometimes it’s all I say. The truth is that I’ve always struggled with putting my thoughts into words. Saying I love you may seem natural or like a habit, but it is truly anything but that. Actions may speak louder than words, but when I tell you I love you I want you to know what I really mean. When I tell you I love you I don’t say it lightly. My love for you goes beyond words, but here’s my attempt at containing it-

When I tell you I love you I’m telling you how fascinating you are to me. Saying I love you is like telling you how I want to know every single thought in your beautiful mess of a brain. Your essence makes me want to unravel the mystery within your mind. I’m so drawn to every syllable spoken from your lips. I want you to know how connected I am to you. I want you to know how deeply I love the most inner parts of you when I say those three words.
When I tell you I love you it’s a simplified way of expressing to you the things you make me feel. My feelings for you are everlasting. Your heart is my home and I find comfort in your presence.
You should know that I tell you I love you because you set fire to my soul and make my heart sing with happiness. I smile unconsciously at the thought of you, my chest fills with pride at the thought that you’re mine, and I miss you every single minute we’re apart. There are no limits on my love for you, and that’s what I want you to think of when I tell you I love you.
I love the darkest parts of you, and that’s what I mean when I tell you I love you. I love every scar that’s left on your heart and every tear that’s ever rolled down your cheek.
When I tell you I love you it’s really a way of thanking you for loving me through all of my brokenness, and for filling every crack in my heart with your love.
Those three words stand for many things when it comes to you. When I tell you I love you then I really mean it. This relationship is not a temporary stay. I will be here for you through every compromise and every argument. I will not run, panic, or give up.
When I tell you I love you it means that I’ll fight like hell for you. Always.
Know that when I tell you I love you it means that you are truly everything to me. 


7th APRIL 2017


So here I begin with the dairy entries of my life. ‘Life’ such a beautiful word but sometimes it has so many complications that even you don’t know what feeling should you hide inside and what feeling should you reveal. Something like this seems to be happening with me. At times, I am not able to stop the tears that flow down my eyes. To avoid these tears I keep myself busy with work but Everytime I am free the first thing that comes in my mind is YOU. Yeahh YOU. You are the only thing that I can think about the whole day long without even getting bored. But when ever I think about you a silent tear flow down my eye. But sometimes you have to hide your tears behind your smile.


but you will never know that.

i’m different, in ways that i will never be able to tell you.

sometimes when i’m with you, you make me feel like this whole year never happened.

and maybe that’s the issue.

this year did happen, and i can’t pretend like i can just go back to what we used to be.