I don’t know why?

I don’t know how much I love you and when I have started loving you but the fact is you are the best thing happened to me. You are the first one about whom I think before going to bed and after getting wake up in morning.

I have started caring about you more than I care about myself.

I don’t know why.

I trust you blindly. I don’t know whether its good or not but i trust you more than I trust myself
The time when I feel down i just want you to be with me and hug me. You say only ‘hey I love you’ and I start feeling relaxed.
I don’t know how to express my emotions and that’s the thing which people don’t like about me.
But with you I’m myself. I don’t have to worry abt anyone else. I have never ever thought that you will mean so much for me.
I cherish every moment spend with you.
I want the time to pause itself when you pull me towards you in your arms. I can’t express how protected I feel being there.
I don’t know whether we will be together in future or not but i want my present with you.
I don’t know why?

I don’t know whether you feel the same for me or not but my heart only beats for you. 
No one can take your place.

Maybe for you these are just words but for me its the only thing through which I can share a small piece of my heart.
I have no idea why I’m writing all this but you are the reason behind this.
I don’t know whether you will feel my feelings in these words but these words are the only way right now.
When you don’t receive my calls and don’t reply my messages i feel sad. but I got tears in my eyes when you don’t care of yourself. I feel like crying and getting mad at you at the same time.
I have no idea how much I’m gonna write but today I wanna tell you all about this feeling.
I can hear your voice whole day without getting tired. For me you have got the best smile. Our stupid laughs and stupid talks I love the most.
Your sweet voice got my mind away.
But your eyes got my heart away.
You insisted first to talk on call.
And now I love the way how i can talk to you the whole day.
Your wonderful eyes have got a spark in them.
Their sparkness caused a fire in my head.
I have never felt this feeling before.
But day by day I keep on loving you more and more.
But now I feel distance cannot come in our line.
We are far away from each other.
But I don’t know why I still feel you near.

I don’t care how you look.
How you dress up.

The only thing I know is that.

For me love is in the air.

People say you only love once.

But i fall in love with you everytime you call me your girl.

You must be thinking I have got mad today.

But the truth is you made me this way .

I can share everything with you.

For me you’re just not my love but my friend too.

We can fight on silly matters but.

I still want us to be together.

No one can come in my heart now.

Coz I have locked you there and thrown away the key in the dark.

All I wanted to say that I love you.

And will always love till my last breath.

I can get mad at you but the truth is I can’t stay away from you.

I can write about you whole day but then there will be a shortage of words.

Just three magical words for you

I love you.. I love you.. I love you.. I have never felt this feeling before..

But day by day I keep on loving you more and more.


Street lights

On winter nights

She walked under the street lights,

Cursing her fortune.

From the moment their eyes met,
To the moment he said that he didn’t had feelings for her.

She kept on walking on the Secluded road more dead than alive,
In the hope that he will be her silhouette.

Only then she saw a star twinkling falling all its way down from space to the earth with the law of gravity.
And she recapulated what he used to say, “baby girl! Make a wish.”
She closed her eyes and made a wish keeping every relation aside.
Everything changed that night,
The next morning was a new beginning or one may call it an end.

Her wish came true, because of the feelings that was not allowing her to stay alive anymore.
“The poor soul now resides in heaven”. People said.
He dissolved in tears,
While she smile looking at him from heaven.

“Nothing remained the same.” He said after passing a week without admiring her secretly.
She didn’t know how much he loved her. She felt regret about the wish she made that night.

Now both were together forever, in ‘HEAVEN’.

Don’t you love me anymore?

He asked feeling dejected

She shook her head

In order to gainsay his statement.

Further she added

It’s difficult to imagine a day without you,

Morning skies turns black instead of being blue.

Your thoughts encounter my mind every night,

And so it’s hard to sleep.

Things go wrong

and my heart gets filled with solitariness.

Morning tea seams tasteless

And it’s hard to concentrate on my work.

World seems to be a lonely place.

And so my head begins to ache.

Your winsome deportment won my heart.

And now your memories have circumambiented my mind.

And now that we have Discombobulated, nothing feels right.

And so it’s almost impossible to imagine a day without you.

It’s not that only I feel isolated, but I can figure out the feelings deep inside your heart too. 

He didn’t say anything.

Rather he brought me closer and hugged me. 


Let them whisper your name,

They don’t have the guts to shout.
Ignore them and move ahead,
That’s what life is all about.
Let them feel jealous,

you have got something which they can’t even think about.
Instead of Having such people in your life,

It’s better to kick them out.
Let them talk about you,

You are the only one who runs through their mind.
Don’t feel hesitated to face them,

They will never be able to find a person of your kind. 
Let them intervent in your matters,

Maybe they find your life better than theirs.
Just disdain their actions, 

Because there are people around who can actually see the mask that they wear.
Let them talk about you,

You are someone whom they can’t forget.
Put your head up flout them,

Once day they will surely regret.


Feeling of solitariness filled her heart with trepidation. She started talking to him because he was the only adherence to her loneliness. She started with

“I still remember how it started.”

“Those dotlish fights that used to take place within us and that too without any rationale. And those ‘achha na sorry’ made us sleep well at night.”

“I cherish every moment spend with you”

“Those late night conversations and those online care and love that we shared that we otherwise felt bashful to articulate.”

“Those ‘I LOVE YOU’ exchanged within us even when we were not in relationship”

“And I still remember that day when I was in canada and it was 4:00a.m. there. You almost annoyed me by sending ‘wake up’ bitmoji on Snapchat and that too not even once rather 25-30 times. But I really loved the very moment.”

“I experience a instantaneous current everytime you hold my hand in yours.”

“Teasing me was your LOVE and getting teased was my right”

“The feeling of possessiveness filled our heart with insecurity regardless of knowing that we can’t be separated at any cost”

“Sharing feelings with you was all I did but never made the first step at sharing LOVE.”

“I still remember the day when we finally confessed to each other about our heartfelt feelings.”

“Those snaps that took place in our story was just so amazing.”

“Those fantasies that encountered my thoughts.”

“And repairing those tiny scattered pieces of my heart.”

“I still remember that moment when you held my hand while sitting on your knees #unexpectedly#. That still makes my heart skips a beat.”

“The care that we share makes our bond even more stronger.”

“Ensuring that I reached home safely was all you did to won over my heart. Not even ensuring but dropping me home.”


further I added

“Whenever I visit temple all I wish for is- to have you in my life and that too for the rest of my life till I die.”

“Thank you for being the reason for happiness in my otherwise chaotic life.”

“I will always remember every single moment spend with you.”

“You are the only one whom I share all my secrets, detections, gaiety with. And above all I share LOVE with.”



At last, I said “I LOVE YOU JAAAN”

And a tear fell down my eye onto the screen of my phone. I swiped the screen and there appeared my favourite photo of my LOVE. He didn’t replied but kept smiling.


Stuck at 9:00 

It was 9:00 

When she went upstairs to her terrace

Sat there and started looking at the musky sky

Saw a star that twinkled uninterruptedly

Kept gazing at it

She stood up

No one was walking on the pavement

It was all silent around

She took a quick glance at her watch

It was 11:00 now

Didn’t realize she spend 2 hours thinking about HIM❤