Kaash hum pass hote,                                     Kaash hum saath hote.

Kaash tu beete har pal Mei hote,       Kaash tum ane waale Kal Mei hote.

Kaash tumne zikr kiya Hota sabse humare pyaar ka,                                         

Kaash tum samajh pate dard iss pyaar ke ehsaas ka.

Kaash kabhi yuh ho jaye,                               Tum aur hum yuh hi kahi kho jaye.    

Kaash mere khuda ruthe na hote,     Kaash hum kabhi juda na Hote.

Kaash hum na rote,                                       Kaash tum na hote.

Kaash humse koi bhool hui na hoti, Kaash dhadkan dil se juda hui na hoti.

Kaash inn ankho Mei ansu aye na hote, Kaash zindagi Mei tum aye na hote.

Kaash Hume pyaar hua na Hota,         Kuch Kuch hokar bhi Kuch hua na Hota.

Kaash tum hote aur kuch na Hota,    Kyuki tum hote toh sab Kuch Hota.


A set smile that comes on my face Everytime someone calls out HIS name. The feeling that runs through my mind Everytime HE holds my hand. HIS protective nature makes me feel as if I am so much important to someone that the person can go against HIS laws to make me feel that I am the only one. I might not be feeling this way of the first time but I LOVE when he ensures that I reached HOME safely or not. I LOVE the way HE tells me everything going in HIS mind without any hesitation. Everyone points out both of us saying ‘are you couple?’ and all you have to say is NO IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT. WE ARE JUST BEST FRIENDS. No one will ever understand this difference between being a best friend and being in relationship. Sometimes I feel I should go and spill out everything on this face but the next moment I think about how will HE react. Maybe HE will say LET’S BE JUST BEST FRIENDS OR MAYBE HE WILL START IGNORING ME. HE never lets me down. HE is a person whom you can count on, in my bad days. I still remember the first time we met and then how the bond was built within US. I LOVE HIM more than anything else. Maybe HE know what all I feel for HIM. Maybe HE knows that HE is the only person I adore. Maybe HE feels the same way. Maybe HE won’t tell ME. HE is my favourite notification. A broad smile comes on my face when I receive a message from HIM.  When someone talks about LOVE I think about you. LOVE is when you start caring about HIM. I LOVE the way HE listen to all my problems and promise to be with me in every hurdle that will come my way. Words would not be enough to express what I feel. But I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AND MAYBE YOU KNOW THAT ❤❤❤. Though I know that this feeling can never be expressed but I wish I could express what all I feel.